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The druids know he's Emrys. and then there is Alator, and Gaius, and his mother, and Freya, and there was Agravaine, and Lancelot, and Gilli, and Will and Cornelius Sigan. yep those are pretty much all the people that know about him. In short here is the list: - Druids - Gaius - Alator of the Catha - Hunith (his mother) - Freya (DEAD) - Agravaine(DEAD) - Lancelot (DEAD) - Gilli - Will (DEAD)-Cornelius Sigan (DEAD)

In total that are 9 people and a LOT of druids

Answer 2: There were also Nimueh, Julius Borden, Balinor, Jonas, Aredian...