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Answer 1: That's a matter of perspective. On the Merlin Arena on Merlin Wiki people voted Morgana over Nimueh, and Nimueh over Morgause. So the majority of people would say:

  1. Morgana
  2. Morgause
  3. Nimueh

Answer 2: I think Morgana is the least strongest, cause she hasn't got nearly as much experience and knowledge as Morgana and Nimueh. Nimueh has lived and practiced magic a lot longer than both of them, so I believe that she may be the strongest one. Siggy w 13:48, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

Answer 3: I would say Morgana is, because she is destined to antagonise Merlin til the end of the legend. Morgana640px-Morgana PendragonForever20:18,10/1/2012