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After Arthur died would Merlin have ever returned to CamelotAithusa looks sickAm i cool
Amy etw famrt ferutaAmyling why sorea maigc ola riera tem ganer eve whg sisAny episodes where characters are drinking (for a video i'm making)
Arthur's Bane part two. Arthur has not given up on Morgana. Does he want to kill her or notArthur and merlin togetherBecause Arthur didn't led magic return to Camelot and makes all angry including Mordred who is than going to kill him!
Can Merlin communicate telepathically? We know that he can listen to telepathic conversations like when he heard Mordred and when Isledir was talking to him. But we haven't actually heard him 'speak' telepathicallyCan anyone read this and tell me what it says Type in Shade in merkin wiki and look at the picture of the book page about it, it says how to tell if a person is a shade...Could Arthur return once again return back to Camelot with melin at his side
Could the terror in the dark tower make Gwen evilDid Arthur have any siblingsDid Gwaine ever find out about Merlin's magic. I know he was never told but maybe on some level
Did Lancelot sacrifice himself for Merlin, for Arthur, or for GwenDid arthur and gwen ever have kids in the arthurian legendDid arthur and gwen everhave kids
Did cedric actually die or not cos they just kind of forgot him when merlin nearly got possessed by siganDid magic return to the kingdom after Arthur diedDid merlin send Aithusa to rescue Morgana
Did morgana ever lovedDid morgana ever loved merlinaDo u like morgier
Do you think Gwen will marry Sir Leon(I know it's silly)Do you think Morgana will find out that Merlin is EmrysDo you think that Morgana still has good in her
Does Agravaine love MorganaDoes Arthur dieDoes Arthur ever find out that merlo is a warlock
Does Arthur know Merlin's secret?Does Arthur want to kill Morgana, or he cares for her deep downDoes Merlin(Emrys) ever return to Camelot after King Arthur Pendragon's Death
Does Merlin have more power over Aithusa than MorganaDoes Merlin love MorganaDoes Morgana become good again
Does Morgana love ArthurDoes Morgana love MordredDoes arthur die
Does arthur returnDoes edwin return in season 5Does gwen becmme queen
Does merlin get his magic backDoes merlin have a conclusionDoes morgana know about merlin's magic
Does the lady of the lake drifted away from this world in the endDruid girl freyaHow are emrys and rhia saved from the crumbling castle
How can I watch Merlin live It's gonna air in 6 minutes!How did Percival meet LancelotHow did merlin and arthur meet
How did the wolf injure GwaineHow do mordrid and arthur kill each otherHow do most people in the village feel about branwen
How does merlin answer who r youHow does the series endHow is morgoose related to morganna
How many deaths in the Sword in the StoneHow many years have passed between each series I've tried looking up timelines but I haven't found a consistent answer.How old is arthur
How old is authurHow old is gwenHow old is merlin
How old is merlin in he seriesHow true is that there is something called "Arthur Reincarnation" where we can see our characters reincarnated in the present 21st century excites me the idea that the story can continue, but I need to get me out of this doubt... thanksHow will Morgana escape captivity
Hw old is merlinIf Merlin is a creature of the Earth like Morgana and the Dochraid, why do normal swords injure him, unlike the other twoIm in season 2 right now, does Morgana ever become as strong as Merlin and Nimueh
In Another's Sorrow (S05E04) what did Merlin say to Gaius in the end and Gaius replied "Let us hope it does not"In a ffew forums it says that in another's sorrow "Morgana takes a leaf out of Merlin’s spell book" Is it a literal leaf, a page or what. Do you have a photo or imageIn series 4 episode 1 why did the the Cailleach talk to Merlin first if Morgana was the one that summoned her
Is Aithusa too young to speak or is it because of tortureIs Alvarr returningIs Merlin Gaius' son
Is Merlin in loveIs Mordred evilIs Morgana a Dragonlord
Is Morgana older than ArthurIs Morgana uther's daughterIs gwen black
Is it overIs the series Merlin coming backKilgarrah can talk but Aithusa can't Why can't Aithusa talk
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Merlin and arthurMorgana has a dream about prince aurthur what does her dream foreshadow about aurther saftyMorgana takes a leaf out of Merlin’s spell book
Morgause vs nimueh who winsMother of merlinName of perfect society of Camelot
On the Merlin series 5 DVD boxset are there going to be any cast-commentariesPLZ ANSWER!!!! IF YOU GO TO look at the picture of Merlin with the book. WHAT DOES IT SAY. THANK YOU!!!!Should Lynn and I go to Europe in june
Should contyinue the series for anotyher 3 season to make oSpell to call the dragonThe creatures having the head of an eagle and a body of a lion
They are concerned that their pagan way of life will desappear with the spread ofThey are concerned that their pagan way of life will disappear with the spread ofWas Bayard still an ally of Camelot after he was put in the dungeons
Was Merlin persecuted in his years in EaldorWas Vivienne and Gorlois' surname LeFayWere Uther and Ygraine husband and wife
What do Merlin fans feel about the possibilitynof Arthur dyingnduring Series 5 Has anybody read anything that suggests this is likely/unlikelyWhat does Morgana think of her motherWhat does merlin say when casting a spell and calling Kilgarrah
What film or storytelling technique is used to tell this storyWhat happened to Gwen and Elyan's motherWhat happened to Sefa after her father died
What happened to morgana and merlin poisoning herWhat happened to the Cup of Life after it was emptied in The Coming of ArthurWhat happened to the Cup of Life after the Series 3 finale
What is Morgana searching for in 5x01What is mordreds real nameWhat is queen maab's official title
What is the cause of each architect being unable to construct a castleWhat is the closest morgana has gotten to take over camelotWhat is the connection between the Old Religion and magic
What is the song that is played throughout Merlin Australian season 5 trailerWhat is the spell to make things polishWhat kind of hair style is the evil morganas hair
What king wants revenge on artur for killing his sonWhat language are spellsWhen did Arthur become king
When did Gwen become queenWhen did Morgause dieWhen do you think Merlin's secret will be revealed
When does Arthur find out Merlin has magicWhen does Arthur find out about merlinWhen does Merlin reveal his magic
When does arther learn that merlin is warlockWhen does merlin reveal his magicWhen is arthur's bane going to air
When was Albion first mentionedWhen was aithusa capturedWhen was merlin born
When will Freya returnWhen will Nimueh returnnWhen will Uther return
When will season 5 start in USWhere did Merlin come fromWhere is merlin in
Which Merlin season is the bestWhich actor played 'Thomas Collins' in the first episode of Series 1Which was the name of the dragons
Which witch is the most powerful out of Morgause and MorganaWho catches the Excalibur after Merlin throws it back in Avalon and why does that person catch itWho does Gwen love more, Merlin Arthur or Lancelot
Who imprisoned MorganaWho is AlbinoWho is Gwen's mum
Who is lotWho is merlinWho is mordred
Who is the kingWho is the king wants to revenge on arthur for killing his sonWho is the least popular character
Who is the mother of merlinWho is the person who acts as ArthurWho is the strongest, Lancelot or Arthur
Who is the strongest witch, Morgana, Morgause or NimuehWho know of Merlin's magicWho was merlin
Who would become king or queen after GwenWhy Aithsa MorganaWhy aithusa help morgana
Why aithusa saved morganaWhy arthur dieWhy can't Aithusa speak
Why can't aithusa speakWhy did Arthur run when he saw Morgana, but fought on previous occasionsWhy did Guinevere tell Lancelot her former lover to look after Arthur her current lover
Why did Gwen become evil in season 5Why did Mordred betray Morgana and join Arthur this is too weird and out of characterWhy did Morgana change so much between season 2 and 3
Why did Ruadan send his daughter as a spyWhy did aithusa grew up with morganaWhy did aithusa grow up with morgana
Why did arthur dieWhy did merlin live camelot after the death of king arthurWhy did morgana did not know nimueh
Why did morgana turn evilWhy didn't Merlin call the dragon to get to where they needed to goWhy do the knights run from the wolfs on 5x01
Why does Arthur not know about Mordred's magicWhy does Merlin not tell Gwaine or Gwen or Percival about his magicWhy does morgan
Why doesn't Merlin kill morgana when the catha knocks her outWhy doesnt merlin fight back against mab in their battleWhy is Arthur's Bane Arthur himself
Why is aithusa loyal to morganaWhy is morgana so paleWhy is morgana so plae
Why is there no series 6Why was Isolde killed after only 2 episodesWill Agravaine be resurrected
Will Arthur find out that Merlin has magicWill Hunith return in Series 5Will Lancelot be returning
Will Merlin meet Freya againWill Merlin meet Gilli againWill Merlin talk about how many of his friends have died like Lancelot or Elyan again
Will Morgana dieWill Morgause return after her deathWill Nimueh ever be returning
Will Queen Annis be returningWill Tristan return in Series 5Will aithusa die
Will another dragon be summoned into the worldWill be a Merlin season sixWill the great dragon die
Will there be a Series 6Will there be more than one two part episodes in the fifth series like it was in Series 3 and 4Will we see Gilly again
Will we see Sefa againWokaat opert fasers bor amy
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