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Answer 1: No. But he feels sorry for her and senses there still may be good in her.

Answer 2: Probably not. But it is hard to say what he exactly feels since he doesn't really talk about his feelings, which is why we do not even know if he still has feelings for Freya or not. All we can say for certain is that he definitely cares for Morgana, otherwise she might have been killed by Merlin already.Siggy w 16:36, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

Answer 3: Back in series 2, there were some moments that hinted a possible future relationship, but it was deteriorated with Merlin poisoning her, so probably not.

Answer 4: In an interview, back in series two, Colin Morgan called Morgana "Merlins' love he can never have." So he may love her, or he may not. We do not know for certan, although in some ledgends it is implied that Morgana le Fay becomes Merlins' lover and eventually kills him.

All we can do is wait and see...